Kind Katy leaps onto the pages of Edition Two

Since writing edition one of Strong and Mighty Max, it soon became clear that there was a need to publish a second edition. Online retailers quickly sold out (Amazon and Waterstones) and with interest from primary schools and libraries the market for the book was proving successful.

Beyond the market reach, the most rewarding thing for me as an author has been the lovely letters I have received and correspondence through social media from parents of children who have been born with achondroplasia. Like myself they too are keen to educate their children’s peers and explain to family members and friends what makes their child unique. I have had the pleasure of receiving encouraging feedback from all over the world. The distance may be thousands of miles and yet the shared vision as mothers and educators gives us a common goal- to help inspire others to be more accepting and understanding of differences.

Dwarfism is just that-a difference that makes children stand out from their peers because physically their arms and legs are shorter. Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are, whether they are tall or short, have darker skin, speak with a stammer or have a facial disfigurement. With this in mind edition two of Strong and Mighty Max teaches kindness towards others who are different. It challenges young minds to accept, respect and be inclusive of others. The original story around the character Max stays the same, however a new character is introduced. Katy, a trainee teacher, also born with achondroplasia, weaves through the pages of the book key lessons for children to learn from the story. She emphasises the importance of kindness and directs the reader to educational activities that feature in the back of the story for further learning. These learning activities are ideal for primary school aged children and help to facilitate discussion through games, role-plays and further research.

What I love about edition two is that it is applicable to every child to help them to relate to others and to also encourage them to be confident about what makes them unique. Whether it be autism, dyslexia, skin colour, height, visible or invisible differences- the children are encouraged to learn from one another.

Through this second edition I will continue to visit schools, take assemblies and classroom sessions to answer questions around being an author and what motivated me to write this story. To make a booking and check availability click here

To download some of the educational activity sheets that are included in the book, visit the learn section of the website.