Books like this will change the world

As a person with dwarfism myself, I have long since believed that one of the best ways to change the world-to make it a better place-is to provide young children with a positive introduction to dwarfism, disability, and difference, to help them understand that we are all just different threads in the rich fabric of humanity. This book does exactly that. I wish there were more like it. I have a copy on my shelf-along with all my other books about dwarfism and difference-ready for my own children to read, one day.

Eugene- 17 October 2018

Positive message of acceptance. Bravo!

My Baby girl was born with a form of dwarfism and it became apparent very quickly that there weren’t many books or toys out there that embraced her special differences. I heard about Strong and Mighty Max and I was so excited to order a copy. It is brilliant. Full of beautiful lessons about life, written in a fun and uplifting way. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Cruzanne – 5 October 2018


A must have book

Fantastic! A must have book for both home and school. It helps educate both children and adults about Achondroplasia (a type of dwarfism). It is such a lovely book to share with children to show that everyone is different, and that thats ok.

R Etheringtonon | 16 December 2017

Really lovely book

Such a lovely book, already a favourite in our house! Really lovely message about dreaming big and embracing differences. My average height son thinks Max is the coolest character ever and I’m sure my youngest with dwarfism will feel the same way when he’s a bit older.
Strong and Mighty Max is a lovely book for any child as it teaches a little about dwarfism but also encourages you to follow your dreams no matter your differences. Especially brilliant for children with dwarfism to see such a fun character who looks just like them.

Amazon Customer | 16 December 2017

Just what we were looking for!

Brilliant book that my son really enjoys listening to and can identify with himself. The content of the story is perfect in addressing sensitive issues for children with achondroplasia while celebrating strengths and differences of all. So good that I have ordered copies for local schools and friends.

Amazon Customer | 7 December 2015

A “must buy”!

This is a beautifully written and illustrated little story. It’s very positive, and encouraging message is moving and heart warming . The families at my playgroups have absolutely loved it . One mum shed a tear as she read this book, she found it so simple and yet very meaningful. Mighty Max speaks on behalf of many many children, and it’s a “must buy.”!

Malyon | 2 December 2015

A great way to educate young children about the disabilities that some children face.

A lovely little book that helps to explain something about a rare disability, achondroplasia. Suitable for primary school children, and also a great resource to have in school. Sadly there is so much prejudice against disability and this book helps to fight such attitudes. I had a lovely afternoon sharing the story with my 4 year old granddaughter.

Rita Haxton | 29 November 2015